Morning Haze

Morning Haze, a photo by Moonflitter on Flickr.

Another page for my Dina Wakley inspired pamphlet journal for 21 Secrets. Also a little bit of Christine Mason Miller's Vintage Poetry workshop making a cameo appearance.

My sister had a baby a few weeks ago, which summoned up memories of being woken in the wee hours of the morning to feed a baby. Although I didn't like the sleep deprivation, I used to enjoy the weird hazy half-dreaming thoughts I'd have at these times. Here is the poem if you can't read the itty bitty text:

Waking in the morning
recall it vividly,
heart of it,
in the haze of morning,
inner mosaic
here and there.

As I watched my two year old attempting to converse with my sister's newborn, I thought about how much my son has grown without me really noticing. Every morning it seems that your child is the same as the night before, but every now and then they reach a milestone which proves this is not so! And so I reflected on how a monumental shift can result from growth that is too small and incremental to see. Feeding your muse is like this too. You have to trust that nourishing your creative spirit will make it grow, even if you can't see the changes day to day.

And as a mother, I often find myself trying to feed my muse while caring for a child. Unfortunately this doesn't always turn out as peaceful as this page - wishful thinking!


  1. Lovely page! That bird is so beautiful and I love the mushrooms and all the different blues.

    1. Thank you. The mushrooms weren't quite sure they were mushrooms but I convinced them eventually.